The Honorary Freedom is a civic tradition inherited from the British and which had officially been established in the United Kingdom since 1885 (the Honorary Freedom of Boroughs Act).

This award is made to esteemed citizens who become “Freemen” or “Freewomen” of the city/town.

The tradition has been followed by the City of Port Louis since 1962. There are, among the recipients of the award of Honorary Freedom of the City of Port Louis, Heads of States, Heads of Governments and some well known international figures whose names have gone down in history e.g. Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Shrimati Indira Gandhi.

Recipients of the Honorary Freedom of the City of Port-Louis

9 March 2001

Reverend Father Henri Souchon

Maulana Shamim Ahsraf Azhar,

Pandit Yadavesh Ayrgu

Bonzesse Lim Chon Sang Hen Youn

Iyer Rungasamy Krishnappa Naidu

25 August 2002

Mr Karl Auguste Offman, G.C.S.K., President of the Republic of Mauritius

The Right Hon. Sir Anerood Jugnauth, K.C.M.G., P.C., Q.C., Prime Minister, Minister of Defence & Home Affairs and Minister of External Communications

Mr Cassam Uteem, G.C.S.K., Former President of the Republic of Mauritius

Hon. Ariranga Gobindasamy Pillay, G.O.S.K. Chief Justice

Mr Joseph Marc Davy Maunick, G.O.S.K.

Reverend Father Paul Wu Shy Chuen

15 September 2003

The Honourable Ahmad Sulliman Jeewah, Minister of Civil Service Affairs and Administrative Reforms

Mr Ah Kin Ip Kin Shian Ip Kwok Sheung, G.O.S.K., F.C.I.L.T., F.I.F.P.

Mr Louis Rivaltz Quenette, O.B.E.

Mr Gunness Gujadhur

27 October 2004

Mr Abdool Raouf Bundhun, G.O.S.K., Vice President of the Republic of Mauritius

Mr Rampaul Ruhee, O.B.E., Secretary General of the Olympic Committee of Mauritius and Member of the International Olympic Committee

Mr Ramon Cundasamy, M.S.K., Former Deputy Town Clerk of the Municipal Council of Port Louis presently Adviser to the Minister of Environment and National Development Unit

Mr Jonathan James Chimier, Finalist in long jump at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens

6 September 2006

Dr the Honourable Navinchandra Ramgoolam, Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius, Minister of Defence & Home Affairs, Minister of Civil Service & Administrative Reforms, Minister of Rodrigues & Outer Islands

His Right Reverend Maurice Evenor Piat, Bishop of Port Louis

Sir Satcam Boolell (Posthumously)

12 March 2007

Son Excellence Monsieur Marc Ravalomanana, Président de la République de Madagascar

Dr The Honourable Ahmed Rashid Beebeejaun, G.C.S.K.,Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Public Infrastructure, Land Transport & Shipping

Honourable Yeung Kam John Yeung Sik Yuen, G.O.S.K., Chief Justice

Honourable Rajkeswur Purryag, G.O.S.K., Speaker of the National Assembly

The Most Reverend Gerald James Ian Ernest, G.O.S.K., Bishop of Mauritius and Archbishop of the Province of the Indian Ocean

6 August 2010

Honorable Mrs Kalyanee Bedwantee Juggoo, Parliamentary Private Secretary

Dr. Patrick Joseph Ah Fee Chui Wan Cheong, OBE, CSK, GOSK, Chairman/CEO/Medical Director of City Clinic Group

Mr Edward Redmond Hart de Keating, Notary Public

Dr Rajcoomar Jhurry, CEO/Chairman Founder of Jhurry RYA (JR School) Co. Ltd.

Dr Louis Arnaud Carpooran, Associate Professor, University of Mauritius

His Eminence Maulana Shah Muhammad Anas Noorani Siddiqui Qaderi Madani

8 July 2011

Honourable Charles Gaëtan Xavier Luc Duval, GCSK , Vice Prime Minister et Minister of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment.

Mr. Jean Marc Harel, GOSK, (Posthumously)

Mr. Charles Ng Tai Mui, GOSK, CSK.

Mr. Shafeek Nojib

M. Yatemani Gujadhur, FCIB, CSK

13 September 2012

Mr. Ange Mathieu Laclé, Ex Municipal Councillor, Member of Parliament, Lord-Mayor of Port Louis and Minister of Local Government (Posthumously)

Mr. Voong Siong Chan Lam, OBE, CSK, GOSK, also known as Harold Chan Lam, Ex Rector of London College (Posthumously)

Mr. Gilbert Merven, Chairman of Mauritius Turf Club

Mr. Bashir Abdulla Currimjee, Chairman and Director General of Currimjee Group

Mrs. Kreshnowtee Bhuckory, also known as Chandranee Bhuckory

1 June 2013
  • Mr. Joseph Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association)
18 December 2013

Honourable Alan Ganoo, Member of the National Assembly

Mrs. Bibi Ameenah Firdaus Gurib-Fakim, Rector of CEPHYR (Centre de Phytothérapie et de Recherche)

Mr. Jean Sew Sen Lee, OSK, Former Director of Sew Sen Lee & Co. Ltd

Mr. Ramachandra Poonoosamy, also known as Rama Poonoosamy, Managing Director of Immedia Agency

Mrs. Marie Lisette Talate (Posthumously)

6 November 2014
  • Dr. Wajid Ali Khan, D.O., F.R.C.S, Professor of Ophthalmology
17 March 2016
  • Miss Jane Mary Constance
09 October 2018
  • Mr. Désiré Noël L'Enclume
  • Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Aulum
  • Mr. Valaydon J. Deva Seevathian
  • Mr. Jean Noël Tang Kan
  • Mr. Phalraj Servansingh

Recipients 1962-1999