Parks and Gardens


The Parks and Gardens Section, managed by the Superintendent of Parks and Gardens, was created under the Mayorship of Mr Raoul Rochecouste and is responsible for the creation and maintenance of municipal gardens, squares and traffic islands..

The Parks and Gardens section therefore plays a very important role regarding the preservation, protection, improvement and embellishment of the natural environment of the City of Port-Louis, which with its unique character and its past history make it a must on the sightseeing lists of most tourists.
Parks and Gardens provide the following advantages:

  1. These green spaces are the lungs of the city as they purify the polluted air and refresh the atmosphere of the city.
  2. They provide a green and shade area for the inhabitants in an attractive surrounding.
  3. In addition to the colours, coolness, quiet and pride which they bring to the city, they are ideal sites for placing the statues of great men of the past.

1. Company’s Garden

The Company’s Garden owes its name to “La Compagnie Française des Indes Orientales”, who possessed and administered the island from the year 1721 to 1764. The garden is bordered by Pouce Stream on one side and “Butte à Tonier” Stream on the other side.

2. Robert Edward Hart Garden

It was in 1931 under the mayorship of Mr Rochecouste that the site was being developed. The garden was partly completed two years later in 1933 and later in 1938 under the mayorship of Mr Atchia. The far end part where the sea marsh existed was developed and completed the same year. It was named “Pleasure Ground”. In 1959 the garden was renamed after the great Mauritian Poet Robert Edward Hart.

3. Marie, Reine de la Paix Garden

Its creation started in 1932 under the mayorship of S.Fouquereaux and was completed on the 15 August 1940.

4. Sunni Razvi Garden

5. Cathedral Square Garden

6. City Hall, City Council of Port-Louis

7. Station Garden, Plaine Verte

8. Subramania Bharati Park, St Paul

9. Jardin Coco

10. Maharatta Garden

11. Sir Abdul Razack Mohamed Garden


1. Nazareth Tranquebar Green Space
2. Citadel Green Space
3. Mc Donald Green Space
4. Rogers Green Space
5. Signal Mountain Green Space
6. Along Mgr Leen Green Space
7. Orleans Green Space
8. Deschartres Green Space
9. Jemmapes Green Space
10. Washerwoman Green Space
11. Boulevard Rivaltz Green Space
12. New Green Space at Wellington Street
13. La Tour Koenig Green Space
14. Cité Mauvillac Green Space
15. Caunhye Green Space
16. Plaine Lauzun New Green Space
17. Camp Chapelon Green Space
18. Passerelle Cité Vallijee Green Space
19. Banyan Green Space Cité Vallijee
20. Flamboyant- Cité Vallijee
21. Sea View Green Space – Cité Vallijee
22. Beethoven Green Space – Cité Vallijee
23. Freddy Desvaux Green Space
24. College Royal along Cassis Road
25. Terminus Cité Vallijee
26. Barclays Bank Green Space
27. S.A.I.L Pailles Green Space
28. Debarcadère Pointe aux Sable Green Space
29. Malborough Green Space
30. Seeneevassen School Green Space
31. Abercrombie fair
32. Père Laval St. Croix
33. Centre 1er Fevrier, Roche Bois
34. Gareeboo
35. Paul Toureau
36. Le Cornu Ste Croix
37. Promenade Joseph Volbert
38. Place Marie Yvonia Perrine Couturière, Roche Bois
39. Hilary Blood Street, Cité La Cure
40. Abattoir/ St Martin, Roche Bois
41. Jhellum Street, Cité La Cure
42. Stade Kaya Roche Bois
43. St François Xavier
44. Sir Gaëtan Duval Recreational Park, Roche Bois
45. Canal Bathurst
46. Pace Bissoondoyal & Mahe de Labourdonnais
47. Place Nelson Mandela
48. Place Gabriel Gillet

1. Victoria Square
2. Square Petricher
3. Khadafi Square
4. Guy Rozemont Square

1. St Georges traffic island
2. Labourdonnais traffic island
3. Brown Sequard/Jemmapes traffic island
4. Montée S traffic island
5. G.R.N.W traffic island
6. Bell Village traffic island
7. Kalimaye Camp Benoit traffic island
8. Entrance Robert Edward Hart garden traffic island
9. Sallick traffic island
10. Dassyne traffic island
11. Rue Large traffic island
12. Abercrombie traffic island
13. Bait-Ul-Nur Cité Martial traffic island