The City of Port Louis, as a cosmopolitan capital, is the showcase of Mauritius, the reflection of the mosaic of cultures and traditions which originated from all continents against a strong historical background but merging modern elements. Port Louis is the “lieu par excellence” where all the great events in the history of Mauritius have taken place. The city is indeed the birthplace of the historical, political, social and economic evolution of Mauritius.

Besides being the nerve centre of Mauritius, with the concentration of most commercial, economic, administrative and judicial activities, Port Louis’s attraction lies in the diversity of its character, with its heritage and modern assets, and in its reflection of the social and cultural identity of the country. The City’s surface area was formerly 4,540.50 hectares. With the coming into force of the Local Government Act 2011, new regions (Sorèze, Montebello, Pailles) have been annexed to Port Louis, thus increasing its surface area to presently 6,010.50 hectares. The resident population of Port Louis is around 139,000. There is however a transiting population coming to the City daily for either work, business or leisure and which may reach some 200,000 to 300,000.

Port Louis has been developing at a rapid pace these last twenty-five years, with modern port facilities, an ever changing skyline, freeport and offshore activities. New projects are coming on for a major transformation of its landscape. The City is already the business hub of the Indian Ocean and an unavoidable venue for regional as well as international conferences or other events.