The City Council of Port Louis, formerly known as the Municipal Council of Port Louis, was established in 1830 by Ordinance no 16 which was passed by the Council of Government on 27 December 1849 and enforced on 1 January 1850.

The Council is comprised of the Lord Mayor, the Deputy Lord Mayor and Councillors. The Council meeting is chaired by the Lord Mayor.

The Chief Executive is the Chief Adviser of the Council in all matters falling within the purview of Local Government legislation and exercises administrative and financial control. The present Chief Executive is Mr Vineshsing Seeparsad.

Councillors are elected democratically to administer the City Council. Councillors then elect a Lord Mayor and a Deputy Lord Mayor. The Councillors are policy-makers and decisions are taken by the Council.

The recurrent estimates and capital expenditure are approved by the Council. After the approval of the estimates of income and expenditure for the forthcoming year by the Council, an attested copy is sent not later than 15 October every year to the Ministry of Local Government for approval by the Minister (as per the Local Government Act 2011).

A copy of the approved estimates is available for public inspection at the City Library.

After approval of projects by Council, approval of the Minister is sought for withdrawal of funds for their implementation.

Click here to download the Standing Order of the City Council of Port Louis