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Administration Department
EOI - Services of Legal Advisors
Land Use and Planning Department
User Manual for Online Application of BLP
BLP1 - Residential Development not exceeding Ground floor + 3 levels
BLP2 - Excision of 1 Lot or Subdivision of Land among Heirs
BLP3 - All residential development above Ground + 3 levels / Commercial Development / Industrial Development / Installation of any Industrial Engine / Services / Sui Generis / SME
OPP - Outline Planning Permission - Commercial/Industrial/Services/Sui Generis
BLP Exempt Development
Building and Land Use Permit Guide
Finance Department
Registration of Potential Suppliers / Contractors
Potential Suppliers' Registration Form
Annex to Potential Suppliers' Registration Form
Exemption of Rates
Public Health Department
Application Form - Affixing of Posters
List of Poster Sites
Application Form - Cessation of Business
Application Form - Declaration of Trades
Application Form - Display of Advertisements
Application Form - Occasional Activities
Registration form - Online Payment of Trade Fees
List of Classified Trades
Welfare Department
Rules and Regulations for Rental of Municipal Halls
Rules and Regulations for Rental of Sports Complex
Rules and Regulations for Swimming Course
Library Section
Application form for Adult
Application form for Students
Laws and Regulations
Local Government Act 2011
The City Council of Port Louis (Fees for Classified Trades) Regulation No. 78 of 2016
The City Council of Port Louis (Fees for Classified Trades) (Amendment) Regulations No. 250 of 2016
Collection and Disposal of Refuse - Amendment - Regulations 2004
Environment Protection - Affixing of Posters - Regulations 2008
Cemetery Crematorium Regulations 2011
Municipal Council of Port Louis Traffic Centre Regulations 2011
Pont de Paris Open Market Regulations 2011
Port Louis Collection and Disposal of Refuse Regulations 1996
Port Louis Municipal Markets Regulations 1993
The Ibrahim Abdoollah Municipal Market Fair Regulations 2007
The Pointe aux Sables Market Fair Regulations 2008
Extract of Finance (Misc. Prov.) Act 2016 - Amendments - Building Control Act and Local Government Act