The Land Use & Planning Department

The Land Use and Planning Department is managed by the Head, Land Use and Planning Department, who is responsible to the Chief Executive. This department is responsible for all matters pertaining to development of land in virtue of the:

• Local Government Act 2011;

• Planning and Development Act 2004.

• Town and Country Planning Act 1954.

• Building Control Act 2012.

• Morcellement Act 1990. And any other statutes and instruments relating to development of land such as the:

• Outline Planning Scheme

• Regulations

• Policies

• Planning Guidelines

• Environmental Guidelines

The Land Use and Planning Department is also responsible for the Cadastre Section.

The duties conferred upon the Land Use and Planning Department are:

(i) Processing of applications for Outline Planning Permission and Building and Land Use Permits within the jurisdiction of the City for

(a) Construction works

(b) Excision and subdivision of lands

(c) Causing material change in the use of a building or land

(ii) Issue of Compliance Certificate.

(iii) Attending to complaints involving development of land;

(iv) Prosecuting cases of unlawful development/construction within the ambit of the laws of land development.

(v) Making recommendations to:

(1) Morcellement Board for Morcellement Permits issued by the Ministry of Housing and Lands.

(2) Land Conversion Committee for Land Conversion Permit at the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security.

(3) Department of Environment for applications of Preliminary Environment Report, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Monitoring Plan.

(vi) Carry out Ex-Post Control