The Public Infrastructure Department

The Public Infrastructure Department is managed by the Head, Public Infrastructure Department, who is responsible to the Chief Executive for the overall administration and management of the Department.
The Public Infrastructure Department is responsible for:-

  1. the construction, care, management, maintenance and improvement of public infrastructure pertaining to Local Authorities as per Local Government Act 2011.  These include: - municipal roads, pavements, street lighting, public lighting including parks and gardens, bus shelters, bridges and drain repairs.
  2. Implementation of infrastructural projects, and their maintenance and comprising of markets, multipurpose complexes, sports grounds, cemeteries, children playground etc.
  3. Implementation and application of relevant clauses of the Building Control Act, the Roads Act, Town and Country Planning Act, and Local Government Act jointly with Planning and Land Use Department.
  4. Advising the Council on engineering matters and for implementation of related decisions.
  5. Processing of Building and Land Use Permit applications.

The Public Infrastructure Department consists of the following sections:-

  1. Highways Section
  2. Street Lighting section
  3. Works and Building Section
  4. Land Surveying Section
  5. Mechanical Workshop