The Administration Department, formerly Chief Executive’s Department, is responsible for the overall affairs of the City Council. It co-ordinates the activities of all the departments, ensures implementation and follow-up of all decisions taken by the Council and exercises administrative and financial control with a view to ensuring efficiency, productivity and sound financial management.

The Department is also responsible for implementing local government policies, goals and objectives, local government legislations and other relevant legislations; initiating and implementing programmes aiming at enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Council; and advising the Council on policy matters.

The Chief Executive is the administrative head of the City Council and, currently, is supported in his administrative functions by a Deputy Chief Executive and two Assistant Chief Executives. He exercises control over the management of policies and practices of the Local Government.

The main functions of the Chief Executive are to: execute the statutory duties laid down in the Local Government Act, the Local Government Service Commission Act and other legislations relating to municipal activities; initiate action to ensure that the provisions of Local Government legislation are implemented; advise the Council on all matters falling within the purview of Local Government legislation; and ensure that decisions taken by the Council are executed and monitored.

The following sections fall under the direct responsibility of the Chief Executive:

Internal Audit
Information Service Centre (Temporarily closed)
Information Technology
Human Resources Management
Parks and Gardens