The Land Use & Planning Department

The Cadastre Section

It is responsible for :

  1. Upgrading of Owners of Properties.
  2. Request for evaluation of new constructions, new properties (division, excision) and addition to existing properties.
  3. Evaluation for certificate purposes.
  4. Upgrading of existing plans.
  5. Updating of evaluation list.
  6. Issue of clearance certificates.
  7. Carrying out of surveys upon identification of new construction, feedback from public / other departments , etc.
  8. Processing of direct sales and sales involving Excision / Division.

The Building Inspectors' Section

It is responsible for

  1. Processing of applications for Building and Land Use Permits
  2. Dealing with complaints from members of public against illegal developments
  3. Issuing Building and Land Use Permits
  4. Checking all buildings which have been completed and occupied