What are the steps for the Building and Land Use Permit application?

There are steps to get a planning permit:

A pre-application meeting helps you find out if and how your application fits in to the Port Louis Outline Scheme and the Planning Policy Guidelines.

When you submit a Building and Land Use Permit application through NELS system of the Economic Development Board, a reference number and effective date is given to you automatically

Council cannot consider and decide an application if you do not give all the information we need.

Council may ask you for more information if needed such as clearances from other authorities.

You have to advertise and display site notification if the proposed project may affect people in a negative way.

If people complains to application regarding to your project, a hearing is convened to hear both parties prior to take a decision for your application.

Council can make two (2) different types of decision about an application:

1. Approved

2. Rejected.

Which types of application for Building and Land Use Permit require Minister’s approval?

1. Place of Worships.

2. For the carrying on of any activity licensed under the Gambling Regulatory Authority Act, or.

How long an application will take to be determined?

The Building and Land Use Permit is granted within 14 working days, if the application is complete.

For applications within the buffer zone of the Aapravasi Ghat, and place of worship, the due date for issue of Building and Land Use Permit is not applicable.

If further information/particulars are required, you will be allowed 6 weeks to submit same on the NELS System.

If you fail to submit within the 6 weeks, your application will be set aside automatically on the system..