Services Offered


Adult Lending Service

We have a collection of 50,000 books and periodicals, mainly in English and French. Being a public library, our members have access to a wide variety of subjects.

Application forms and full details are available upon request at our Information Desk. Membership is free and open to all residents of Mauritius. Applicants must be at least 14 years old.

Two items may be borrowed by a library member for a period not exceeding four weeks.

Reference Service

Our stock consists of dictionaries, encyclopedias and non-fiction books. We also provide access to information files for students undertaking research on topics such as environment, IT, regional cooperation, etc. We keep critical studies on English and French literature for secondary school students as well as past exam papers with worked solutions. Students at university level also benefit from books on specific subjects such as Management, Law, Business & Accounting, Science and Medicine.

Reference materials are available for on-spot consultation only. Photocopy services are available for Reference materials only. A fee of R1.00 is charged per copy.

Although the Reference Section is open to the public, student library members have priority access to information files and Past Exam papers. Critical studies on English and French literature are also available as per syllabus.

Local History

If you need to find books published in Mauritius or by local authors, we have a Mauritiana collection which might help you. Mauritiana books are kept in the municipal Archives and requests are processed within 24 hours.

Audiovisual Services

Our current stock consists of more than 1,000 audiovisual items - audio and video cassettes, CD ROMs, DVDs, VCDs. Although we lay more emphasis on educational materials, fiction titles are also available for loan.

Audiovisual membership is free and open to library members only.

Printing services

Printing is available and limited to 50 pages (A4 size) per person.

Internet access

Internet access, through ADSL, is available to the public:

Internet package

30 mins – Rs 15.00

60 mins – Rs 30.00

Internet package is valid for 7 days only, as from date of purchase.

Junior Library

The Junior Library has 5,200 members and an estimated stock of 8,000 books in French and English. Each member may borrow two books at a time for a period of four weeks, after which fines apply.

Application forms are available directly from the circulation desk of the children's library. Membership is free and open to children aged 1 to 14 years old, residing in Port-Louis only. A proof of address is required when applying for membership.

Mobile Library Service

We have two mobile vehicles for 25 service points located in areas of Port-Louis deprived of library facilities. Usually, each site is visited by a vehicle on a monthly basis. Some 500 children aged up to 18 years old have free access to the municipal mobile library service.

Membership forms are available from staff on the mobile vans.