Reading Rooms


Reading Rooms are open to the public free of charge and are located in different areas of Port Louis.

Their main objective is to offer local and foreign magazines and newspapers for on-spot consultation.

Currently, we have fourteen Reading Rooms as follows:

1. The Rémy Ollier Reading Room located in the City Hall building.

2. Dr. I. Goomany Reading Room.

3. Louis Delange Reading Room.

4. Freddy Desveaux Reading Room.

5. Résidence Vallijee Reading Room.

6. Tranquebar Reading Room.

7. Roche Bois Reading Room.

8. Vallée Pitot Reading Room.

9. Camp Yoloff Reading Room.

10. Cité Briquetterie Reading Room.

11. Camp Chapelon Reading Room

12. Vallée des Prêtres Reading Room

13. Ste Croix Reading Room

14. St. François Xavier Reading Room

Except for Rémy Ollier Reading Room, Résidence Vallijee Reading Room and Louis Delange Reading Room, all other Reading Rooms are also merged with branch libraries, with a lending section for children aged 5 to 14 years old, a Reference corner with dictionaries and encyclopedias, and a Computer Club.