Information Technology Section

This Information Technology Section, commonly known as the IT Section, falls under the Administration Department. It comprises of two staffs namely the IT Officer/Systems Administrator and the Assistant IT Officer.

The IT Section is responsible mainly for the proper management, physical/logical security aspects, and smooth running of the computer systems of the City Council. Roles and Responsibilities:

  • (a) the management of the computer system of the Council (Servers, Personal Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Network Infrastructure, Database and Application Software)
  • (b) the physical and logical/logistics security aspects of the computer systems
  • (c) the co-ordination of all activities with other Department/Sections
  • (d) database/network administration and management
  • (e) the control and management of the Council’s website
  • (f) the assessment of hardware and software requirements of the Councils
  • (g) the preparation of technical specifications for acquisition of hardware and software
  • (h) the analysis and evaluation of proposals from suppliers
  • (i) the provision of training