Polyvalent Centres

Mario Flore Centre , Balisage Street, Roche Bois 216-9247
Cité Lumière Municipal Centre, Cité Debarcadere, P.Aux.Sables 234 3026
Vallée des Prêtres, Bernardin de St Pierre, Lower V. des Pretres 216-9604
Vallée Pitot Polyvalent Centre, Inkerman St 216-3373
La Butte, Royal Road, Port Louis
Cassis Polyvalent Centre, Daniel Jenkins St 210-2032
Osman Gendoo Polyvalent Centre, Bernardin de St Pierre, C.Yoloff 216-3376
Cité la Cure Centre, Rev. Schnepp St 216-9595
Dr. I. Goomany (Plaine Verte), Sir Edgar Laurent 242-5706
Tranquebar, Cotillon Street, Port Louis 208-3006
GRNW, New Old Bridge 213-0618
C. Borstal Polyvalent Centre, Jean Le Brun St, P. Louis 233-8280
C. Briquetterie Polyvalent Centre, Bois Savon St, Ste Croix 217-1467
Gorah Issac Centre, Military Road, P. Louis 216-1831
Emmanuel Anquetil, Royal Road, La Tour Koenig 234 0061
Caro Lalo Social Centre, Vallée des Pretres
Dr James Burty David, Residence Vallijee
Chitrakoot , B. de St Pierre, Upper V. des Pretres
Le Cornu Sports room, Sainte Marie St
Le Cornu Centre, Richard Miles St
Jean Lebrun centre, Praslin St, Les Salines
Louis Delange centre, Saint Georges St
Pailles Social Hall
Cité Jonction Social Hall
Pailles Sub Hall
Morcellement Raffray Hall, Pailles

Booking for the use of the centres/social halls is effected at the Welfare Department, 3rd floor of the City Hall, during office hours.

• Deposit fees: Rs. 500 (refunded one month after the activity)

• Rental fees for Jean Lebrun centre: Rs. 5,000

• Rental fees for other centres: Rs 1,000

Other fees related to number of hours the centres are being used are as follows

• Weekdays/Saturdays Rs. 250/hour

• Sundays/public Holidays Rs. 300/hour

• Rental fees for Dr Idrice Goomany social hall: Rs 1,500

Other fees related to number of hours the hall is being used are as follows

• Weekdays/Saturdays Rs. 1,700

• Sundays/public Holidays: Rs. 3,800 (2 p.m. to 5 p.m.) and Rs. 2,500 (8 p.m. to 11 p.m.)

The lessee must provide for the services of Policemen to be on duty for the maintenance of law and order for activity where alcoholic drinks will be served and for other specific activities.

Note: In case of any damage caused to the centre amenities / municipal property, the lessee will need to refund same in terms of money to the Council