Courses Offered

Ecoles des Sports
1) Boxe 7) Cyclisme
2) Judo 8) Basketball
3) Kyokushinkai 9) Handball
4) Kick Boxing 10) Football
5) Athletisme 11) Boxe Française
6) Badminton under Ecoles des Sports

Courses Offered

1) Yoga

2) Dressmaking

Activities organised

1) Outing for children attending municipal pre-primary schools

2) Fun-day for municipal pre-primary students

3) Educational tours for primary students of the city

4) Recreational activities in children playgrounds

5) Sand castle competition for primary schools students of the City

6) “Inter-Ecole de Foot” Tournament

7) Regional Football Tournament (Trophée de la Jeunesse)

8) Cycling Competition at Regional, National and International Levels

9) Petanque Tournament

10) Volleyball Tournament

11) Beach Volley Tournament

12) Basketball Tournament

13) Athletics Competition

14) Cultural/Composite Programmes

15) Band Performances

16) Outing and Cultural Activities for the elderly

17) Lunch for inmates of infirmaries

18) Indoor Games Competition

19) Swimming Competition

20) Holding of Exhibition

21) Talks, Debate, Forum etc.

22) Theatrical Shows

23) Socio-cultural Programmes in collaboration with other bodies

24) Launching of books by different authors

25) Special Programmes for persons with physical/other disabilities

26) Handball Tournament

Clubs/Associations/organisations should submit their requests for the use of centres or for any other facilities/sponsorship from the Council, one month prior to their activity.

Same request should be addressed to the Chief Executive.