Sports Grounds

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool

1) Avenue La Possession, Les Salines

2) Plaine Verte, Magon Street, Plaine Verte

Admission, open to residents of Port Louis only, to the swimming courses are made at the said pools, following press notices to that effect.


Booking for the use of sports-ground during weekdays is effected at the Welfare Department, 3rd floor of the City Hall, from 09.30 hrs to 11.30 hrs.

Sports grounds are exceptionally put at disposal of clubs/associations on Saturdays and Sundays, against requests for the use of said grounds.

Football Grounds Volleyball Pitches
1) Mamade Ellahee Football Ground, Cité Martial with lighting 1)Cite Mauvillac,Pailles,GRNW
2) Reginald Topize Football Ground, (Kaya), Roche Bois with lighting 2) Mgr. Leen , Mgr. Leen Street, Port Louis
3) Bienheureux Père Laval Football Ground, Nicolay Road, Ste Croix with lighting 3) Débarcadère, Pointe aux Sables
4) Nelson Mandela Football Ground, Cité Vallijee with lighting 4) Vallée des Prêtres, Royal Road
5) A. Raman Doonah Football Ground, Military Road, Camp Yoloff with lighting 5) Tranquebar, Bathfield Street, Port Louis
6) Anoop Madhow Football Ground, Royal Road, GRNW (near bridge) with lighting 6) La Tour Koenig
7) La Tour Koenig Football Ground, (near Government Printing) 7) Les Salines, Avenue La Possession
8) Brighton Football Ground, Vallée des Prêtres 8) Cité la Cure
9) La Cure Football Ground, cnr Miosytis & Jhumnah Streets, Cité La Cure 9) Batterie Cassée
10) Camp Chapelon Football Ground, Philippe Rousset St 10) Camp Yoloff
11) Freddy Desvaux, Cassis 11) Residence Vallijee
12) Serge Bardotier Football Ground, Tranquebar 12) Avenue Conseil, Pailles
13) Surtee Soonee(Govt School) Football Ground,Vallee pitot
14) Jean Lebrun (Govt School) football ground, Cité Martial
15) Morcellement Raffray Football Ground, Pailles
16) Cité St Louis Football Ground
Operating hours of football grounds with lighting: from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Basketball Pitch Handball Pitch
1)Residence Vallijee Port Louis 1) Champ de Mars
2) Les Salines, Avenue La Possession
3) Débarcadère, Pointe aux Sables
4) Camp Yoloff
5) Batterie Cassée

Petangue Pitch
1) Plaine Verte Boulodrome Allawi, Magon Street, Plaine Verte 12) La Tour Koenig, Adreanum Street
2) Les Salines Boulodrome, Avenue la Possession 13) Champ de Mars
3) Ste. Croix, Nicolay Road 14) Bain Des Dames
4) Freddy Desvaux, Cassis 15) Cite Mauvillac,Pailles,GRNW
5) Tranquebar, Cotillon Street 16) Boulodrome ,Mgr Leen
6) Vallee des Pretres, B. de St. Pierre Street, V. des Pretres 17) Village Hall Premises, Pailles
7) Pointe aux Sables, Débarcadère (near Market Fair) 18) Near Magic Freeze, Pailles
8) Cité la Cure 19) Guibies, Pailles
9) Residence Vallijee, Royal Road 20) Guibies Road, Pailles
10) Plaine Lauzun, Pailles 21) Opposite new dispensary, Pailles
11) Borstal, Yard of Borstal Centre 22) Morcellement Raffray, Pailles, near Football Ground


1) Centre de Boxe, Avenue La Possession, Les Salines (not operational for the time being)

2) Tranquebar Boxing Gym


1) Centre 1er Février Gymnasium, Ng. Chen Hin St, Roche Bois

Mini Soccer Synthetic Pitch

1) Plaine Verte ,Magon street

2) Vallée Pitot

3) Mayer Street

4) Champ de Mars

5) Military Street

6) Les Salines

7) Camp Yoloff

8) Briquetterie

9) Résidence Sir G.Duval (ex Cité Mauvillac)

10) Vallée des Prêtres

Badminton Court

1) Dr. I. Goomany Gymnasium, Magon Street, Plaine Verte

2) France Martin Stadium, Avenue La Possession, Les Salines

Booking (for a period of 4 months) for the use of the said courts (by clubs/ associations) is made at the Welfare Department, 3rd floor of the City Hall, during office hours.

Rental fees: Rs 30 per hour


1) Municipal Theatre (under renovation)

2) Musée de la Photographie

3) Musée de l’Histoire

4) Maison du Poète