Sanitation Section

The Sanitation Section provides the following services:

• Removal of refuse from private premises, wastelands, trade and industrial premises, commercial areas, markets, fairs and public places.

• Cleaning of drains, streams and rivulets.

• Sweeping of streets, public square, thoroughfares, gutters and canals.

• Weeding and mowing of grass, and spraying of herbicides

• Receiving complaints from citizens of Port Louis and the general public (Telephone Number: 4056600 ext 1606 - Direct Line 2116998).

• Attending complaints regarding scavenging service

• Rodent Control in Traffic Centres, Markets & Fairs, other municipal premises, along drains and riverbanks, and throughout residential areas of the City of Port Louis

Frequency of service

• A minimum of twice weekly service/ collection of refuse is provided throughout the City of Port Louis

• A twice daily scavenging service is being provided to traffic centres and City Center.

Additional Services

Provision of Trailers to the public for removal of bulky waste

The applicants has to be registered on a waiting list and to effect a payment of Rs300 or Rs 1000 for a bigger trailer which is put at their disposal on a pre-agreed day and time where the loading has to be done by themselves.

Clean up Campaigns

Clean Up Campaigns are normally organized by the council with the collaboration of civil organizations, the general public, ministries and other stake holders where black spots identified in a specific region are cleaned and embellished with the planting of endemic plants and decorative plants accordingly .

Bulky Waste Campaigns

Bulky Waste Campaigns are effected at regular intervals throughout the whole year where sensitization campaigns are carried out in the community to avoid illegal dumping. The citizens are given the opportunity to remove all their bulky wastes. Council lorries and manpower are provided for proper collection and disposal of same.