Highways Section

This section is responsible for:-

  1. the maintenance, resurfacing and upgrading of municipal roads;
  2. the construction and tarring of new lanes and accesses after their conversion into public roads.
  3. the maintenance of traffic signs and road marking on municipal roads.
  4. maintenance and construction of footways, gutters and bridges.
  5. Construction of concrete drains network and their repairs.
  6. Fixing and maintenance of handrails along municipal roads and fixing of road and street name plates.
  7. The issue of wayleave applications for breaking of municipal roads by service providers for cable laying, pipes and conduits.
  8. application of regulations regarding payment of fees and levies laid down in part C of Twelfth Schedule concerning (i) complete or partial obstruction of a public road for private purposes by any person other than a public undertaker or authority providing services or utilities; (ii) digging across or along a public road or undertaking any excavation work on a public road.
  9. Issue of clearances related to any infrastructural projects undertaken by the National Development Unit and coordination with same during implementation and eventual maintenance and upkeep after handing over.