Stores Section

The Store Section plays a key role in supplying an uninterrupted flow of materials for the smooth running of the City Council of Port Louis by satisfying directly the internal customers and indirectly the external customers. The Store is subdivided into Warehousing and Procurement Section purposely because of segregation of duties.

(i) Warehousing:

The Store is situated at Abbattoir Road, Roche Bois.

Primary duties consist of issues and receipts of materials for the whole Council. To ensure that the right quality and quantity of materials are received at the warehouse and consequently issue them to the different Sections of the Council on demand. Moreover, to ensure that the materials are properly kept and be guided by rules and regulations of the FMM.

(ii) Procurement:

This Section is located in the compound of the City Council of Port Louis. Since procurement consists of 26% of the Council’s budget, it plays a significant importance.

The duties of the Procurement Section are guided by the Public Procurement Act 2006 and ensure that the work is performed so as to achieve value for money, transparent, integrity and ethics.