Income Section : Local Rate/General Rate

Local Rate is commonly known as General Rate.

The Local Rate levied shall be such percentage of the Net Annual Value, as per the Local Government Act, of the immovable property as the City Council may from time to time determine by regulations.

The Net Annual Value is the annual rent the property might reasonably be expected to yield.

Table of General Rate

NAV in Rs %Rate
0-2450 0
100001 and above28.0

Rate Due and Payable

Local Rate in respect of any year shall become due as from 1 July of that year and may be payable in 2 equal installments - first installment on or before 31st July and second installment on or before 31st January.

• Where any Local Rate shall be due and payable notwithstanding the fact that the ratepayer has not received a claim for such rate.

• All rates shall be recovered by Summary Judicial process.

• Owners who have not received their claims for Local Rate shall call at the Income Section of the Finance Department to collect same.

• A surcharge of 10% shall be applied if payment is not effected before due date;

• An interest at the rate of 15% shall be levied on any sum due for the local rate not paid in the financial year in which it becomes due and payable until such time as it is paid;

• The rate payers should inform the Cadastral Section of the Council of any changes such as sale of property, change of residential address etc..

• The Chief Executive, may, on a written application being made to him before 1 January, authorize the local rate to be paid, without any surcharge, by bank standing order, in not more than 12 consecutive equal installments during that financial year.


The owner of an immovable property shall forthwith notify the City Council in writing, on such form as may be presented, of any addition, improvement or alteration made to the property and hence he may voluntarily come forward at the Council and start paying the General Rate under Self-Assessment Rate payable

The General Rate is being charged as follows:

New Self-Assessment, payment may be made in 2 equal installments. The first installment on or before 31 March and the 2nd installment on or before 30 September;

- A surcharge of 10% shall be applied if payment is not effected before due date;

- The next year payment shall be made in 2 equal installments. The first installment on or before 31 July and the 2nd installment on or before 31 January.

Levy on admission charge

The Council may levy an admission charge on any payment made by any person for admission to any park, site, garden, zoo, fair, seaside resort, hotel, exhibition hall, reception hall, theatre, cinema hall, car park, discotheque, night club or such other place within its administrative boundaries as may be prescribed by regulations made by the Council.

The admission charge leviable shall be an amount representing 10%, or such other percentage as may be prescribed, of the sum paid for admission

The owner of any place specified above has to made arrangements with the Council for furnishing returns of the payments so made for admission and furnished to the Council such security as it may request.